Student Visa (Subclass 500)

If you are an international student planning to study in Australia, you will likely need to apply for a student visa. Here are some key things to know about the student visa process in Australia:

  1. Eligibility: To be eligible for a student visa in Australia, you must have been accepted into a registered course of study at an Australian educational institution and have the financial means to support yourself during your stay.
  2. Application process: You can apply for a student visa online through the Australian government’s Department of Home Affairs website. You will need to provide evidence of your acceptance into an educational institution, your financial capacity, and your health and character requirements.
  1. Visa types: There are several types of student visas available depending on the length and type of study you plan to undertake. The most common type is the subclass 500 student visa, which allows you to study full-time in Australia for up to five years.
  1. Health insurance: All international students in Australia are required to have health insurance for the duration of their stay. You can purchase Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) from an approved provider, which will help cover the cost of medical treatment and hospital care.
  1. Work rights: Student visa holders are generally allowed to work up to 48 hours per fortnight (two weeks) during the school term and full-time during school breaks. This can help you cover your living expenses while studying in Australia.

Overall, applying for a student visa in Australia can be a complex process, so it’s important to do your research and seek advice from your educational institution or a registered migration agent if you have any questions or concerns.

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